how to party.

step 1:   where your girls at?

call, email, tweet, text and poke your friends...

tell them, you can make them shrink in 45 minutes, and invite them to your party.

TIP: tell everyone to bring two friends to win a prize

step 2:   start melting

designate a private area (bathroom, or spare room) for wrapping and measuring

measure your guests troubled areas prior to application

slap a wrap on your guests using the pre-treated, no-mess wraps

your guest's tummys, legs, arms, chins and faces will now start melting away!

step 3:   cash party

this is the portion of the night, where you make cash while your guests relax and listen to your beautiful voice...

for the next hour, your guests are your captive audience, while you:

  •   show them how to save $$$ by becoming a repeat customer
  •   have a fun beverage and share stories
  •   line up future parties with your guests

  • the full compensation plan for a wrap girl includes:
    generous multi-tiered commissions, instant retail profits, leadership bonuses, and much more...